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Recycling Services - Recycle Industrial Plastic, Metal & Paper
Do you have mixed scrap plastic material that you need to recycle- things like plastic car parts, plastic bottles, boxes and more? If so, your business will benefit from our recycling services. As a Georgia services provider, we provide convenient pick up for your scrap plastics, metal and paper, usually  within 48 hours and will pay within 3 to 7 days. Our unique recycling services enables you to save significant time and money by:
  • Reducing the administrative time associated with plastic recycler initiatives
  • Generate more revenue with... Get paid a higher rate for other scrap along with plastics
  • Free-up storage or warehouse space in shorter period of time
Call Recycling Services today at 1-866-602-6102 or 770-948-1451 and find out how we can help you with your recycling needs!
Recycling Services
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