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Why Choose One Stop Recycling Services?

Is dealing with variety of scrap with different companies and then having problem of getting fair price or even get paid at all a problem for you? Then call One Stop Recycling Services LLC. This service, enables businesses to save time and money by:

  • Reducing the administrative time associated with recycling initiatives
  • Generate more revenue as you will get paid a higher rate for other scrap along with plastic
  • Free-up storage or warehouse space in shorter period of time

We are able to guarantee this service because although plastic recovery is our core business, we also buy most kinds of paper, cardboard, and scrap metal. We are able to pick up all of your materials—either loose or consolidated—from your facility and then sort, recycle, and recover at our facility. This bundling of materials provides an efficiency that generates higher rates of return for our clients.

A Track Record of Demonstrable Reliability

We recognize that the recycling process at many organizations is a drain on productivity until the materials are reclaimed and the company gets paid. Until then material is sitting on a factory or warehouse floor or dock not generating revenue and potentially being a liability. That is why we ensure consistently prompt, reliable service to our clients. We know you need your materials retrieved rapidly and a quick turn-around for payment processing.


Capable Services
One Stop Recycling LLC provides businesses with the personal attention of a small business but the service flexibility of a nationwide firm. Your business can benefit from:
  • The variety of retrieval vehicles we maintain – Whether you need a trailer, box truck, dumpster,compactor, flat bed or goose neck trailer for your materials, we can accommodate.
  • The ability to get our equipment at your facility if you have a consistently large amount of material. We spot balers, trailers and collection bin at our client’s location – they get the benefit of the on-site service without having to invest their capital.
  • An ability to pick up your materials in 24-48 hours. You can also get free Gaylord boxes, pallets, and wooden crates to save on recycling-related expenses.
  • Prompt payment policies – our sound financial position enables us to consistently pay your company within 3-7 business days after pick-up. This consistency is unique in the industry and one of the ways that enables our clients to generate a much higher rate of return on their materials over time.
  • Our promise that we will not downgrade your material or process it if there is any discrepancy in weight or quality. Before any change is made to the price stated to you, we will work with you to uncover the source of the difference and collaborate on an equitable solution.
  • Our long-term focus – we are careful about the projects we select so that we can develop mutually beneficial, long-term relationships with both our clients and our vendors. Doing this ensures our clients a consistently fair return for their materials and responsive service from our project managers.
  • We focus on testing material to provide the best blends to our compression molding accounts. 
  • By completing melt flow and quality testing of all materials, before purchasing, we can guarantee great quality and efficient services for any of your recycling needs. Whether you are interested in purchasing processed material, or working with us to reduce your Industrial Waste, One Stop Recycling Services LLC strives for greatness in every area of our operations. 

Contact One Stop Recycling Services now to schedule a Free Waste Audit for your firm and learn how you can generate more return on your recyclables.

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